Here Are The Fall/Winter 21/22 Trends

Here Are The Fall/Winter 21/22 Trends

It’s cooling down, and as the leaves change so too should our wardrobes. Since we’re all finally allowed to leave the house, fashion designers are making a huge comeback and extravagance is in full effect. If you’re shopping around for some new pieces this autumn season, you’ll first need to discover all the coolest trends for 2021 and 2022. And the best part is, you’ll actually have a chance to wear them in public, instead of just in your living room.

Quilted Coats

This winter, you have to get yourself a quilted coat. Designers like Miu Miu came out with several pieces in this style, and we’re now seeing them all over. The added bonus is that this trend is as functional as it is fun because the material will actually keep you warm.

Mini Bags

Yes, mini bags are tiny and can’t hold too much, but who cares when they’re this adorable. So be sure to grab yours this fall season. Companies like Gucci and Prada make truly gorgeous bags in a variety of colors and fabrics. If you can’t afford the designer price tag, search for sites that do high-end used pieces, like The RealReal.

Fun Footwear

In years past, sneakers have dominated the market, but since the pandemic seems to be slowing down fun footwear is a major trend for 2021. High heels, platforms, Mary Janes, and bright-colored boots are being seen on almost every catwalk.

Layered Texture

For this holiday season, you’ll be seeing a lot of textures. From furs to knits, and snakeskin to cashmere, playing around with layered texture is a sure-fire way to bring some fun back into your wardrobe.

Blast From The Past

It may almost be 2022, but by the looks of the runway this year, it may as well be 1977. Flared jeans make for a beautiful silhouette and they pair beautifully with coats and boots making them essential for your autumn wardrobe. Be advised, however, that flared jeans need to be the right fit, so don’t hesitate to take them to your local tailor to get them hemmed to the perfect length. Paisley is another trend that’s fun and playful. Try pairing faired jeans with a paisley top and a killer pair of boots.

All In On Fringe

Speaking of the 70’s fringe is in this year, and it’s being seen on everything from suede coats to satin blouses. Suede is a great staple for fall and winter because it keeps you warm while also being fashion-forward. Suede does need to be protected from the elements so if you live somewhere that has a lot of rain and snow, you’ll want to treat it with a suede protector.

Comfort Is Key

You don’t want to go throwing out all your sweat pants and loungewear just yet as this trend is poised to carry through the autumn season. A matching sweatsuit paired with some cool sneakers or heels is a great way to stay comfy while looking chic.