5 Fun Facts About the Fashion Industry You May Not Know

5 Fun Facts About the Fashion Industry You May Not Know

Fashion has changed so much over the years, and learning about its history only makes shopping that much more fun. You may think you know everything there is to know about how the fashion industry, but in this blog, we guarantee to surprise and delight you with five fun facts.

  1. Why Fashion Week Was Invented

In 1943, the very first official fashion week took place in New York City. You may assume that its purpose was to just showcase designs and bring people together but the real reason is far more interesting. Before World War II, many Americans traveled to France to buy their fashions for the year, as French designers were thought to be the best in the world. But once the war began the government didn’t want Americans to travel overseas and spend their money on foreign soil. Fashion Week was invented to help pave the way for American designers, and since then has turned into a major event that takes place all over the world. There are now 40 fashion weeks and over 100 events. New York Fashion Week continues to be the first of the season, as a tribute to its origin.

  1. Fashion Trends Don’t Just Apply To Clothes

You may think that fashion trends only apply to things like chunky boots and fringe coats, but fashion trends apply to just about anything. From eyebrow shapes to hairstyles and even body types, fashion trends are a representation of the times. In the Victorian era, the fashion trend was to be as pale as possible, and slightly overweight. In the 1920s, women wanted to have boyish figures as they were fighting for gender equality.

  1. Fashion Color Used To Have Deeper Meaning

In the 19th century, men and women would only wear black if they were mourning the death of a family member. When risk-takers would wear black while not mourning, they were considered unhinged and highly eccentric. During the Victorian era, women who had lost their husbands were expected to don all black for the next two years. Although thankfully this trend has changed, mainly due to designers like Coco Chanel, you’re still expected to wear black at most funerals in America.

  1. The Connection Between Wealth and Shoes

In the 16th century, high-heels were worn by both men and women and were considered a sign of wealth. But when during the French revolution the upper class didn’t want to be targeted for their money and so boots began to be made without heels.

  1. The First Fashion Designer

Charles Frederick Worth is thought to be the first fashion design in the world. In 1826, Worth opened a fashion house in Paris. He was the first draper who gave customers his opinion on what he thought would look best on them.

Learning about fashion history can be so telling about the old ways of life, and we hope we gave you some fun trivia to share at your next dinner party.